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Stair Sprints

I am trying to add stair sprints into my routine and am trying to find the best place for it. I cant add it onto my off days because those days are packed. I am thinking about placing it on my leg days, about 3 hours or so after the leg workout. And after my 2nd meal after the gym.

Does that sound like a good idea, or would that mess up my leg recovery/strength?

I think it would be better if it was more than 3 hours later. Say at least 6.

You can also do them on upper body days, unless your huge it’s basically cardio.

What are you hoping to accomplish by adding them?

Well I am certainly not huge…not yet. :slight_smile:

I am trying to decrease my body fat some and am currently doing steady state cardio 4x a week. I just really enjoy doing stair sprints and thought it would be good to add them in as a high intensity form of cardio.

I can add them on upper body days, but since my legs are sore on those days would that be overworking my legs when they are trying to recover?

Are you going to do it like HIIT? As in sprint 2 sets, walk 1 or some variation of that? I don’t really see you doing steady cardio on stairs for too long. I remember we had to do these for wrestling; they were brutal.

I don’t know about doing these on a leg day. One flight of stairs is usually a moderate challenge to me after leg day. If you’re doing sprints on the same day, then you’re training legs incorrectly.

Also, be careful with these if you’re packing on weight. If you’re starting to feel pain in your shins or legs, stop doing them.

shit man. if i did those after my leg day, garenteed id collapse down them.

good luck with that.

My legs usually are not too bad until the next day, but I do think I am going to put the stair sprints on a different day anyway.

Lots of programs have the same bodypart trained on the same day. I’d go for it 4-6 hours after your leg workout. Just build up the duration/intensity of the stairs to get your body used to it. Don’t go all out on the first day.