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Stagnation Again With My Lifts

I am stuck. For the second time in 5 years I have hit a plateau that I just cannot break through.

Here is the dilemma…

at a bw of 228

I used Dave Tate’s 9 week bench program last time to break through a plateau…but it didn’t help this time.

The squat and d/l haven’t budged in several months…so I tried a little of EC and MR mobility and soft tissue suggestions and have improved my mobility and loosened up the hips to hopefully help lower body get totally involved instead of just lower back.

I am just frustrated and looking for suggestions to break through these plateaus. I am limited to 3 days a week in the gym. I know my weaknesses are about 4" off the chest in the BP, just above parallel in the squat (I squat below parallel, no problem out of the hole…but just above parallel is the major sticking point), and the d/l is just piss poor, probably a weak/inactive glute hammy issue.

If anyone has suffered through any of these issues and found a method to break through I would love to hear from you. This site has been a great help in improving my programming and economizing my time in the gym. Thanks in advance for any ideas!


Not to be a smartass, but when’s the last time you took a layoff? You might need to take 7 to 10 days.

I guarantee youwon’t lose anything, in fact you might gain. It seems you’re in it for the strength aspects, but take a few measurements right now, today: Chest, Quads, Arms (Upper & Lower).

Then take the week or so off and measure again. If you are not at least a little bigger after the layoff, then PM me and tell me I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Good Luck,

P.S. After the week off, may I suggest varying your exercises more than you have in the past, especially your support work.

What type of ‘periodization’ are you doing? Do you lift heavy every workout? You should move into weekly planning or possibly monthly planning. I’m no expert on programming, I’m just learning about it myself, but you definitely should look into it if you have not yet.

You could even try Westsides Conjugated periodization.

[quote]You might need to take 7 to 10 days.

Ditto. I had to take about four or five days off recently, and lo and behold, I did a former 1RM for an easy triple on my first day back training. Give it a try. Could be all you need is a rest.

It’s not always time efficient, but you could always try isometrics at your sticking points.