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Stagnant Results

so i feel like im asking for a flaming here with no pics, but what the hell. so i had been doing typical bodybuilding type workouts for the past couple of years with little results other than my initial 15lb gain like 2 years ago. anyway, i posted i think like a month or so ago with my stats 180lbs 10% bf 5’9" etc. that was right before i started Waterburys TBT.

i then cut the creatine out of my diet and lost ~5lbs. so i started TBT, followed it like i thought i was supposed to, but i actually f’ed up and instead of doing 2x15 on the third day i did 3x12 i think. so i began to do a “variation” that was still basically WB’s TBT but not to the T.

after about 2 weeks i started doing 10x3 for my back and chest work 1-2 days out of my 3, while still doing my TBT- i basically mixed them together. anyway- roughly 3-4 weeks later i am 190lbs and its nice as shit. doing no arm work my arms went from 16 to 16.5. oh yea and its really nice all my $120 dress pants dont fit that well anymore either- 3 inches each quad, got that squat butt too…not thrilled about that but what the hell.

bench went from a max of 275-80 to 315. i got that today, and i would say thats probably why im posting. i feel good that im 20yrs old and got 315lb, not that others havent achieved this, i just feel real good about that. bf% has gone up somewhat, although nothing drastic. arms shoulders and chest are rock hard and so are my quads.

hams are a little softer, but calves are hard too. back…hmm, cant really feel it, but it looks good to me. fat gain is obvious to me in the lovehandle area, but but friends and all have said i look bigger, not fatter. long story short- maybe its already too long to be short- bf% went from 10% fat to 11.3%- what is that 3lbs fat for 12 muscle? ill take it.

im actually surprised i didnt get fatter, i read that big bulking tips article adn took that pop tarts thing a little too far i think, i cant tell you how many pop tarts ive gone through that past few weeks, but i think ive been declared a partial owner of kelloggs…i think thats who makes them. fried chicken too…mom tells me im going to turn into fried chicken. ha!

so im going to add in a question here: my weight gain/growth is leveling off, most likely because the past 10 days or so i ahvent been eating nearly as much as the first 20ish, so im wondering if i need to change up the workouts for 2 weeks or so, then pick my TBT back up or if i simply start eating heavy again if that could pick it up? any thoughts?

ps- i dont want to claim membership to the 3 plate club, but if anyone wanted to invite me, id probably accept. thanks guys–oh yea, and ive seen ProfX state how annoying before pics are without the after, so please be patient- goal is 220ish lbs by Feb and then lean out to 200 by may/june, so you wont be seeing before/ after pics of me until prolly summer.

also- i admire bodybuilding and all the hardwork, but im not after that look, not trying to be 240-50 shredded pounds, at the same time, ive never been 200 and lean, so that might not be what im looking for either, just a goal to shoot for, so if any flaming is necessary, take it easy on that part, its not set in stone. i think thats it for me right now, thanks, have fun with the replies- hopefully some advice on my next move- thanks, matt

First off, Great job!

Way to notice the stagnation and then fix the problem. I dont think anyone except a few people here want to be 260 pounds shredded. Hell, Most of us don’t like the current state of pro body building in general. Not to mention the amount of sterrreereroids those guys are on.

Keep up the good work and join up with the 3 plates club!

Oh yeah… The ladies LOVE a good squat butt. Trust me… I’ve gotten more comments on how good my butt is rather than how big it is.

[quote]Lonnie123 wrote:
Oh yeah… The ladies LOVE a good squat butt. Trust me… I’ve gotten more comments on how good my butt is rather than how big it is.[/quote]