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Stagnant Press

On a good day, I could bench 215 pounds. I can squat 315, and going for 335 tomarow, and deadlift 405x2, and going for 425 next week.

My bench has been stagnant for months, After suffering a rotator injury, and now I’m mostly healed up and I still can’t make any progress. I can consistantly add weight to the bar and to my body as far as back/legs goes, but pressing is now impossible to improve on.

My RE dumbell bench keeps going up, but my floor and bench press won’t move at all. What have you done to bring the bench up?

technique technique and technique

+30-40lbs on my bench (started 245 or 250) in the last 7 weeks following maximum str by EC.

things I feel have helped:

rotating heavy movements every few weeks (close grip, floor press, standard, incline, etc)

following heavy movements with higher rep pressing of a different variety

speed work (most people might propose that you are not strong enough yet)

getting strong as hell on my assistance moves, especially back stuff like rows, pullups, chins