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Stagnant Deadlift For Over A Year


So I deadlifted 460 in November 2011. Ever since then, it's like it's been staggering around the same weight. Although I haven't tried to max out since then, what I should be repping with, is now hard for me. I will admit, I stopped doing legs for a good minute. It was always and off/on thing for me. Around November I was hitting legs every week, and my squat was rising. I just started back doing it last week. I also lift sumo. Is it because I've been neglecting legs? My back as a whole has been getting stronger, but my deadlifts have not. I mean, I did 430x2 last week and strained. Just thought I'd ask you guys.


I believe you answered your question, be consistent with training your legs, preferably with back and front squats and that should have a direct carryover to the DL. I would run Madcow 5x5 for 12 weeks consistently with Front squats and deads one of those sessions, and I believe you would break through any plateau you have caused because of uneven training and possibly ineffective training. This is under the assumption that you are training to get stronger as your number 1 priority.


Yes, I am training for strength. Thanks, just wanted the confirmation. You never really learn how important legs are until things like this arise. I was wondering why I never hit 500, since deadlifting was the lift I was best at. I'll check out that program! Thanks a lot! Hurts to know I squatted 315 July '11, meaning I could've been around 400 or so by now. Sigh


Yeah dude I think you would have probably surpassed it, but no worries...youll hit it soon enough!


Hopefully, man! I really need that 500! 540 would be 3x my bodyweight. That's pretty cool to me. Thanks, son!

By the way, starting back after 3-4 months, I squatted 240x6 parallel. So Madcow is cool, right? I'm reading it, and it said for people over 300 lb squat.