Staggering Progression on Your HIT High Frequency Program

Hey Paul just read through your’s and Thib’s book “Maximum Muscle Bible”. In the high frequency HIT program you recommend swapping out an exercise if no progress is being made (6 workouts/ 3 weeks).

Just wanted to know if you’ve ever tried to stagger progression when progress is stalling instead.

So for example, let’s say you bench 275 x 8 and you’ve been stuck for the allotted time. Next time, instead of using a new exercise, you drop the weight down to something like 255.

Last time you attempted 255 you performed 12 reps. Stop now you are just attempting to do more than 12 reps. Next time, you’ll use a weight like 295 and attempt a PR. Then you will go back to 275 and hopefully by now you’ll surpass that 8 rep mark.

From here you can continue with the staggered weights or I suppose continue with 275 until additional weight is needed. These numbers were arbitrary and if you’re hitting 255 for more than 12 I’d probably jump to 265 next time, but you get the idea.

What are your thoughts on this method rather than switching out exercises?

Yes I’ve done this and if you’ve been stuck at a certain rep range for rep PR’s it can work. Until your body gets keen to it and adjusts. So it will have limited application like virtually every type of progressive overload. But if you’ve hit a wall then you can definitely use that approach to see if it allows you to get past it.