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Staggering Deloading for Different Lifts?

Is there any crime to deloading a particular lift. I’m not a fan of regular deloading and believe that when a particular lift feels strong, then you should go all out. Conversely, say I’m having a shit squat night and decide to do the deload/warmup sets only, then feel great two days later on bench day and decide to go hard. Is this objectionable.

Would it fuck up anything long term to stagger the deloads?

I think the question should be:

Will it benefit you long term to stagger or skip deloads?

The highest level athletes in the world deload.

If you don’t want to deload, then don’t. I don’t see how it will benefit you long term to not have that week, but it is your plan.

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Since this is the 531 forum, I’ll answer with that system in mind.

No, don’t stagger deloads. Either deload every fourth or seventh week, depending how you run it.

However, you can absolutely stagger TM resets, because not all your lifts will progress at the same rate. So, reset each TM as required.

If you aren’t running 531, I see no reason not to stagger deloads if you want to, although I would question the wisdom of doing it. If you’re dominating your squats but your other lifts feel slow and heavy, chances are before long your squat will feel that way too because you’re getting worn out. Taking a deload across all your lifts won’t stop you dominating your squats, and will also let you recover a bit more so your other lifts start feeling good again.


Deloading is part of the process.

We dont deload as a result of stalling, we deload to prevent it.

If you arent deloading, you arent doing 5/3/1. It may work for you, it may not, but you are on your own with that one.

Deload every 1 - 2 cycles.

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Deload is highly advisable. Only in some rare occasions it does not need to be done.

And I don’t get the logic that if ONE lift feels good you don’t need to deload. You’re not deloading lifts. You’ll let your WHOLE body to rest (joints, nervous system, even mental side etc…).


The plan is to deload after two cycles. I was just curious what peoples opinions were.

Thanks for the responses.

Deload is more for your body overall not a specific lift so staggering them would defeat the purpose.

What I decided to do is stretch out my week thusly:

Monday: Squat 3/5/1, Deadlift warmup sets

Wed: Bench 3/5/1, Close Grip 50 reps

Friday: Deadlift 3/5/1, Squat warmup sets

Monday: OHP 3/5/1, Bench warmup sets

I’ll take a deload after the sixth week.