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Staggered Sets to Save Time


I'm going to test this myself tomorrow but I'd like to hear what you think.

My workout as it stands takes me 80 minutes to complete and I'm dead tired by the end of it.

I'm going to do 3x5 for dips or chins in between sets of squats. This way I can save time and put some more emphasis on upper body strength.

Will doing these staggered sets lower my strength on squats or is it just a cardiovascular strain?


I think the only way to find out how your body will react to it, is to give it a go man. After all someone else cant tell you how your body is going to react to one stimulus or another.

Out of curiousity hows your training set out, westside template?


It's an olympic lifting routine. I want a bit more upper body work since right now 2/3 of the exercises I do are lower body and back.

My coach made it so I don't want to mess with it but if I can squeeze in some extra dips and chins without burning out, I will.


whats the purpose of the program, is it to increase perforance in the oly lifts, in general or other like strength/hypertrophy.

have you told your coach you want some more upper stuff, maybe he can work it into the program where he thinks it is best


It's to make me better at the oly lifts. He's been gone for a few weeks and is getting back in the middle of February. I'll talk to him about it then.

I tried it today with weighted push ups in place of dips. It worked quite well.