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Staggered Doses


Let's say I am doing 500mg of test E. and 500mg or deca. Is it better if i do all of my deca once a week say on monday and all of my test on thursday. (which i have done in the past) or 250/250 in the same syringe 2X's a week? this is my second cycle and i am paying attention to the smaller things.


i know it's not that big a deal but any input would help i mean whats a forum like this for anyway? we should't call it a post, we'll call it a read instead


I've always read that the twice a week injections allow for a steadier hormone level, thus resulting in fewer of the smaller side effects and a more consistent test level.


mon and thurs...both test and deca mixed in the same syringe.


juice, Would this apply as well to Test-e and Tren-e? 625mg Test and 500mg Tren weekly


both enanthate esters....so yes.