Staged Photography in Lebanon

On the heels of Adnan Hajj’s use of photoshop to create a ‘photo’ of damage caused by Israelis, one question comes to mind…

…do dead people sit up?

Courtesy WSJ Opinion:

For more on Hajj and the Reuters fiasco:

If I were to die sitting here at the computer with my arms out and in a sitting position my body would become stiff in 4 hours(fully 12). Relaxing in a day and a half(approx.). Imagine my form if set on the ground. Such is rigor mortis. I know bodies in movies always seem to be flat or flop like rag dolls. In life it is not so with often grotesque and disturbing results of oddly contorted bodies. Even those dead on flat ground can end up dying with limbs raised. Some American Civil War photos show this.

Here in this picture you have people who have died elsewhere, were found, and were moved to a spot for processing. Amongst the rubble I would expect many people to be found in such positions.

Body parts were found at WTC site up to a couple of years later. During bombings, recovery is slow because recovery crews don’t want to get blown up for some reason. Possibly the other bodies were long dead and had lost rigor and the body in the background had lived for some time in the rubble and had died from wounds and fallen into rigor’s time span.

Are you saying that people are not dying? Of course you aren’t. Why is it necessary to fake it or to have a photo where the dead man isn’t lying flat? The photos you aren’t seeing are much worse than the ones that you are seeing or that are faked. The weapons on both side tear people into chunks. I haven’t seen heads and partial torsos in the mainstream even though I know they are there. So it could be worse if you want to claim this is only a propaganda game.

This is war. It is horrific. Sit back and enjoy it. Football season is coming soon and all this tit for tat slaughter is starting to get boring anyways.

I hate to hijack this but this quote in the op-ed you posted is hilarious:

“Nursery schools may be nice, but they don’t prevent terrorism.”

on Ned Lamont’s “position” on Iraq.

Uh, WSJ op-ed, terrorism has gone up what four-fold since our invasion? They don’t even release those reports publicly anymore they’re so bad.

anyway back to the faked photos…