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This is along the lines of the condom thread… Well i’d like to know if anyone else gets stage fright when they use a public toilet and how to stop it from happening? Yep this sounds funny but its damn annoying! Like when you’re about to take a piss and someone walks in and you cant go. Then the moment you’re alone its Free Willy and it flows like a river! Man im already laughing about this post!

don’t use the urinals, go into the stalls and close the door.

Just try to remember almost no one cares about you at all, or is interested in you in any way, you are no-one, a nothing, to most everyone utterly irrelevant, the only possible reason someone would care to notice you is a concern about you pissing on their shoes.

Gay men have been proven to be more pee shy on average than straight men.

I hear you man. I hate that! I’ll only use a urinal if it has a divider, or I’ll go into the stalls and use the toilet. I just need that feeling of privacy in order to let it flow.

Paruresis is very common among socially phobic people. If your anxiety is pee-specific just lean on the urinal, close your eyes, and relax

Well i can definetly say im not gay. Where the fuck did that come from anyway? I’ve never heard of that!

"GAY??? mmmm hmmm girrrrlfriend" :)

Two really weird things about me is that I need absolute silence and darkness to sleep and silence and privacy to pee. I have trouble doing either if one of those elements is absent. Answer: Just use the stalls buddy.

When out at the bars and everybody trying to use the bathroom, it gets real frustrating. I now wait until I really have to go (almost at the pee-pee dance stage), you shouldn’t have a problem then.

I’m just like you man. Gotta be dark and quiet to sleep. And I have to have my fan on. And I can’t sleep in planes, trains, cars or any other place unless it’s in a bed and it’s dark and quiet!

Try being on probation and having to give UAs knowing that if you can’t piss you automatically fail the test and get to go back to prison. On top of that, the room you get to give the UAs in has a mirror directly in front of where you stand, one up higher angled down, and one on the wall directly to the left-side of where you stand. Also the PO is standing right over your shoulder watching very intently to make sure you’re not trying to do something tricky. All that extra pressure does not make it easier, it makes it harder. Well, this is what I do and now I have no problem. Relax, if you try and push nothing will ever get started. I close my eyes and go to my happpy place ala Happy Gilmore, and just shut everything else out, I relax and then I have no problem going. It helps if your happy place is somewhere where you are alone, like out in the middle of the woods, where you know you are alone and preferably there is a waterfall nearby, imagining the noise of running water also helps. Good luck!

Try silently counting. Read it somewhere years ago and seems to work.

LOL It used to happen to me, too. Especially when I was at things like football games where you are often surrounded on both sides and there is a line of 50 behind you. I would have to make 3 trips in 15 min because all I could get out was a little each time. It does not happen to me anymore. I recite and repeat until I am done this line in my head from an old Beastie Boys tune: “Let it flow; let yourself go; slow and low that is the tempo” It helps me relax and it “flows” no problemo.

On a related topic: when taking a dump in a dirty public toilet, do you use a paper cover, hover or neither? Paper cover=wipe seat clean and cover in bog roll, like the guy from American Pie. Hover involves not actually touching the rim, but manuevering yourself into position about the target. Additional height can cause volcano logs so watch out (and make sure your aim is good).