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Stag/Bachelor Party Ideas


My sister is getting married in June and her fiance's stag/bachelor(dunno what you guys call it in America) party is next month. I was obviously asked to go and I was told to bring a friend so at least I'll know more than one person there.

But anyway, I got a text off the best man last night saying it's gonna be a two night affair. Only problem is that the groom has insisted we go to town that has a reputation for a good nightlife but no strip clubs(to be honest I think the groom should have no choice and I might suggest it to the best man, just break the news to the groom on the day).

So it got me thinking what some good idea's, hints and tips you guys might have. All suggestions welcome for this weekend of severe debauchery.
Surely some of you guys have experience in this area..?


Whatever happens, definitely tie him to a lamp post at some point.

Also, give him at least 3 challenges to do one night. I knew someone who had to go into a petrol station and buy every copy of their porn mag on the shelf. And some vaseline.

Also, get him a midget male stripper. I feel bad for suggesting this, but do it anyway.


Good nightlife but no strip club?

Carrick-on-Shannon is supposed to be great craic for a night out, havent gone out there myself though.

Ennis was great fun, went there for a night out a while back. I always have a serious night in Limerick, Nancy Blackes is some spot, have a pic on my old phone, the place was wall to wall with blondes.

Have been on a 30th in Edinbourgh, brilliant weekend and a stag in Galway, great fun to, but it was the posey of deviants i was with that made that trip. Theres one strip club in Galway, beside the roisin dubh, wasnt great tbh.

My idea for a great stag would be to get a pub in the middle of nowhere to close on a Monday night and get topless bartenders in wearing leather pants and have them oiled up. Get a BBQ going out back and have a serois ould session with my friends etc.

Just make sure theres plenty of headers in the gang and it should be fun!


Do the midget thing, keep hinting at strippers coming later in the evening, and try to get him all pumped up for his "lap dance"

At this point you can tie him to a chair and tell him the strippers coming. Whether he doesn't like the idea or does like the idea its gonna be equally funny when a midget walks in.


Yeah, if someone brought me to a strip club after I expressed myself clearly that it was not an option...they would get a face full of my fist.


You're Irish and you can't figure out how to party? WTF? We sure didn't figure it out on the ships over my man.

But in general drinking + strippers + fighting + cocaine + more strippers + a hooker or two + Jameson has always been a pretty decent formula for a party.


Las Vegas.


Going to a stag in Galway this Saturday, i'll report back when I resurface, probably around Tuesday.


Oh man, lame-ass grooms like this piss me off -- it's like they think their bachelor party is more about 'them' when it's REALLY about simply 'getting the whole crew together again'

That, and the fact that they're already letting their future-wife call the shots already cause 99% of the time, you know that "NO STRIP CLUBS" is her deal.

And these grooms think we're celebrating their "last night" of being single, oh please...


Now that's a fucking party! Jesus you got imagination dude.

Might try and get it changed to Galway or somewhere more fun at least. He's pushing for Kinsale though(probably 'cos of the lack of strip joints). Strippers will no doubt be ordered anyway, whether they are midgets remains to be seen ha


I should have clarified, the groom has insisted on a particular town for the weekend, not an express wish to not go near strippers.
While you may wish to punch your friend in the face, I know the dude well and he wouldn't attempt to ruin the weekend like that.


I don't drink much. But I was asked to bring a friend so I'm bringing my best buddy and he's a serious drinker and the gang we're meeting up with have a reputation for this stuff so it'll be a good weekend nonetheless.

Las Vegas BB..? Man oh man I wish but my budget won't extend that far I'm afraid