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Staffordshire Terrier

I was just wondering if anyone here has owned an American Staffordshire Terrier before or known someone who has. If you don’t know what it is, its from the same heritage as TC’s dog Toney but about 5 in. taller and 30 lbs. heavier on avergae. Just want to ask a few people some questions. Thanks for your time guys.

I’ve had one, she was the sweetest little dog… most of the time anyway. She hated anything on four legs, but loved people. If you ever get one, got it YOUNG and socialize very well right from the start. You can curb the aggressiveness with some work and they make great pets. Just don’t expect it to be a great guard dog!

My youngest of three is a American Staffordshire. She is one year old and to sweet for her own good. She gets along great with everybody, but she is not going to let anyone mess around either. I’ve socialized her with every possible senario and it wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen over night, but she loves to please her Daddy by being good and when she figures that out, it’s all gravy. There is nothing really like a good DOG. However she has taken more patience and creativity to raise than my GSD and Rott put together. That is saying a lot since the GSD and Rott a couple of years older and show her the ropes. It is just the sheer energy level that the Am. staff Terrier has that makes it a lil tough at first and real easy for some one to screw up It also makes the consequences of that screw up real bad. Mine is 20 inches tall 70 lbs. One yr old. From 30 yards she scares the living shit out of everybody, women grab their children and men call out to their kids to stay close, but then they see her big smile and her wagging tale and it’s all licks from there…

Thanks for your replies guys. Dark Renegade, I’ve already been preparing myself for people being scared to death of an amstaff. Hell, my roomates, who both have dogs, became worried as hell when I told them that amstaffs are from the “pit bull” heritage. Michelle, did you socialize your amstaff while she was young? I am particularly worried about mine getting along with other dogs and cats. Dark Renegade, when you say creativity what exactly are you referring to? After talking to several breeders I realize the need for effort. I plan on taking it socialization classes and bringing it around every dog and cat that my friends have. Thanks again guys.

What the hell is a GSD?

I’ve got a mut that either has pit or staffordshire terrier in her somewhere. Kind of hard to tell since i got her as a stray. But she is the sweetest dog and has a ton of energy. I don’t know where her intelligence comes from but it’s amazing. But with her intelligence comes mischief. Nothing destuctive really, but if you leave her alone in the house, she’ll find something of yours that you use/wear/etc a lot she’ll hid it. She’s ok with other dogs. The problem is she gets too excited when she sees another dog and really just loses control. Over-zealousness to meet another K9. But she has been getting better with more socialization. My gf was also looking into getting an am staf terrier and they sounded great to us after researching the breed a bit.

My 3 year old boy is a German Shepard Dog (GSD). Yeah I would just say GS but that is the way the AKC does it. Talk about good friggin dogs, they don’t get better. He needs just as much attention the difference is the rate at which he learns. He picks up almost every thing the first time around. On the other hand he seems insulted when I throw the ball to the other dogs and expect him to run. He wants to work for you not play. The Am Staff just plays til she is out cold then wakes up and plays til she falls asleep again. If you are spending a lot of time with your am staff you will see what I mean by creative. She may well destroy every thing you value before either you train her or she trains you. ie, I am not sure at first who trained who. she would get into the garbage so we would put the garbage up before leaving the house and we still never put food in a trash can without a METAL LID. Who trained who, ya know? I love my babbies, and if you got the time, go for it. Hint. 2 is easier than one (they keep eachother busy), 3 is debateable. .Gets tough sometimes, but the better they get the easier it is. late. ps. i am stoked their are so many dog lovers here. you guys can bring your pups over and we can train while they play.

GSD = German Shepherd Dog.

I didn’t have her when she was young. I got her at a year and a half old, I was her FIFTH owner. She was a case to say the least. All she wanted to do was be good, all she seemed to do was be bad. She was violently aggressive with other dogs, but afraid of cats (I don’t know where the cat thing came from.)

She would tolerate, and even play with, some dogs if she knew them well enough. However, even that was short lived, as she usually turned unexpectedly. I got a few severe bites - I could have lost my lower leg - and my father almost lost his thumb from bites while trying to get her out of dog fights... with dogs that were her 'friends'.

Be prepared for a very high energy dog. They want to please more than anything else, BUT they need to learn that attacking is bad very early on or instinct can get the better of them.

On another note, Cleo had evidence of being abused and possibly fought before I got her. This is based on teh opinions of professional dog trainers and one who specialized on rehabbing abused animals.

Get your dog young, fix it and raise it right. You'll never get a better dog than an AmStaff.