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Stadium Arcadium

Anyone heard it?

I think its incredible, and even more incredible that they have been able to keep putting out great albums.

Great album, been a fan since “real men dont kill coyotes”.

Haven’t heard it yet but the first single is tough. Can’t wait to go the concert their having in jersey.

Personally - I can’t stand RHCP’s. The lead singer is way too full of himself, and flea makes me want to commit murder.

But my wife likes them, so I endure the punishment.

[quote]realt81 wrote:
Haven’t heard it yet but the first single is tough. Can’t wait to go the concert their having in jersey. [/quote]

I’m hoping to be there, I dont want to order tickets though, and find out I cant be there due to college, though.

I’m thinkin I’ll be able to get rid of them though if I have to.

heard just single,didn’t heard the rest of the stuff,single is a killer.

RHCP is my absolute favorite band and has been since i first heard blood sugar sex magic. I think that the last three albums have just gotten better and better and this one is the right in line. i will be at both shows in philly.

I’m going to listen to it, but I can’t help going into it with really low expectations… there is no way a RHCP double-album with nearly 30 songs can be anything but over the top. Blood Sugar Sex Magik is 73 minutes long, and despite being their best album, and really amazing, it had a good 20 minutes of filler.

I want this to be good, God knows RHCP is the only remaining rock band keeping mainstream music with a shred of artistic integrity, but I’m just weary about it.

I am right there with Trailor, the chilli peppers are amazing and this album is another classic.

Its Great so far…
check out “snow”
and “animal bar”

I just hope it doesnt get overplayed.

Album’s epic.

Anyone else noticed how it seems to sound a little like the Chili’s from all eras. Like some songs would fit on By the Way and other songs would feel right at home on Blood Sugar Sex Magic etc… its true for the whole album in my opinion.

I like it a lot even though I usually don’t care for double albums in general too much filler. It’s one of their best though, in my opinion better than Californication and By the way, but not as good as Blood Sugar which is, to me, a great album, one of my all-time favs.
The guitar work by Frusciante is his best in a long time, good solos on a few tracks (turn it again).

My favorite songs on this album are probably Snow, Warlocks, storm in a tea cup etc. (too many to list.)

Me and MINI FLEA love this new albun, it rocks.

bring on the 3rd of July when we can go see em live!

i’ll be checking this one out.

i liked “by the way” and “californication” quite a bit. but i’m always scratching my head at the fact that nobody digs “one hot minute” . that is one strong album man…so strong i pick it for #2 right behind “mother’s milk” which to me is far beyond being merely the chili’s best record, and is one of the best records all time.

damn come on man post my mini Flea pic please!! :slight_smile: