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I am a 45 year old 220lb male and exercise 6 days per week - 3 days complete body weights work out - 3 days cardio rowing/cycling. I have been taking supplements for some time now but am never sure whether they are ‘safe’ should be cycled etc etc as there seems to be little if any objective information available.

In summary what I am seeking guidance as to which supplements and where appropriate which brands will help me to:

  1. have pre work out energy (was taking bsn no explode - now on off cycle)

  2. retain muscle mass (was taking bsn cellmass - now off cycle)

  3. lower body fat mass - around 20% at present - want to have a more shredded physique

I have been considering a Surge, Beta 7 and HOT-ROX Extreme stack and would welcome views on this.

Also can you advise as to the amounts of recommended supplements which I should be taking and whether they should be cycled?

Should a protein supplement should always be taken - again any recommendations?

Thank you

Eugene M

HOT-ROX Extreme

I agree with Rino. I would add TRIBEX Gold.


Give that link a look my friend. Can give you a good idea on quality stacks from Biotest.


Ditch the no-xplode. It’s crap.

You don’t need to cycle creatine.

Protein is more a food than a supplement. You wouldn’t cycle food, would you?

Thank you all for your guidance so far. am definitely going for HOT-ROX Extreme - not yet decided on other products yet. Are BCAAS and TRIBEX better than a creatine or Beta Alanaine supplement? If I opt for e.g . BCAA, TRIBEX, and HOT-ROX, what about a pr-work out boost?