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I’ve completed my first cycle now with saatisfaction! I’ve used winstrol
I’m gonna give stacking a go, any idea’s?


sure he can handle that P-dog?

good point! i recommned that you pyramid up the dosage so that your body can become acclemated (sp?) to the compounds.

It’s acclimated.

I thought you were supposed to be some sort of teacher or something?

Oh, and next time you recommend something, I recommend you use a spell-checker.


hey the recommend was a typo!

wtf. is this a grammar board now. oh yeah, i meant grammer.

from now on you guys can refer to me as “Mr.P” like my students do.


short for “mr. pussy”
just kidding.

from now on you guys can refer to me as “Mr.P” like my students do.

How many of those students have been dry humped? I wonder…:stuck_out_tongue:

Stack about 12 beer cans in a pyramid and invite Drago and Warhorse over for a shooting contest. We will air it on our new “Friends On Steroids” episode entitled: “Stacking Steroids For Non Stacking Steroid Novices”. They will shoot the beer cans and then provide proper instuction on how to safely and correctly stack steroids using your ass as the dummy pin cushion as they take turns injecting multiple steroid cocktails into your body. I think we’re onto something here people…

why dont we call it “queer eye for the steroid guy?”

Hahaha… well, at least we are turning the useless threads into something funny these days.

Hey, what kind of teacher are you anyways? They teach you plagerism at that school of yours? I called that one first a looooonnnnngggg time ago. I bet you were dry humping one of your students though and must have missed that post though eh? I let it go though only because you contribute so much to “Higher Learning” of our childrens minds…(What a scary thought)

errr…yeah guys…real usefull advise u gave me :wink:

Listen, give me some feedback on the following;
I was thinking of using 20mg Winstrol with 20 mg D-bol daily for at least 6 weeks and at the most 8 weeks.
I’m 1.85meter and weigh at 78 Kg with apr. 10% bf.


Let me clue you in here. The reason you didn’t get any useful advice is because of one or all of the following:

a) There are literally hundreds of threads and tens of articles pertaining to different stacks on this site.
b) People don’t really consider running just Winstrol to be a cycle.
c) This was your first post and you obviously haven’t done a lot of homework.

It’s nothing personal, just that people get tired of answering the same questions over and over and over and over and over and over and over and, well, you get the idea.

So drag your butt over to the search engine on the left and start learnin’ before RU12NVME or P-Dog finds you and dry-humps you to within an inch of your young life.


I see this over and over…
The reason I signed up here is because most of you guys have done a lot or at least one cycle.
Also I have been searching on the search engine and I came up with a lot of useful info so I chose specifically these two ?roids on the hand of the articles I read.
The search engine provides some info off course, but not enough to base one whole cycle up on it.
So I?m asking the ?vets? what they think about this cycle I constructed.
All feedback is welcome off course except the ?dry humpin?:wink: