t-men, help me out on a stack would you? How would you go about stacking methandrostenolone with oxandrolone (both orals) on a 2 on 4 off cycle. also, i cant get my hands on clomid or HCG so i was thinking of using chrysin as an anti-estro and tribex-500 to boost my test after the cycle. would this work? both positive and negitive responses are welcome. one more thing, i’d sacrifice gains to minimize side effects so if you could keep that in mind when you list dosages. thanx

I never really understand it when people say that they can get such and such but not “”. However you found your source for the one, find another -look around, it’s out there. If you have specific goals that you are after decide on what would be the right cycle for you to use and THEN source those products. Doing it the other way around really hampers you acheiving what you set out to do. Also, personally I don’t think that chrysin will do shit. If you really want to minimize sides at the risk of lighter gains (and you have the dinero) try 400mg or more of primo per week. Bets of luck! :]

what the first guy said. Also please look into injectable steroids. The 2 on 4 off cycle is not the only way to use steroids…espec when it comes to drugs with more subtle effects, such as anavar. The simplest thing you could do, since you don’t seem to want to inject or hunt down anti-estros (simple research would tell you where to get them), is just to take 50mg winstrol (25mg in morning, 25 at night) for 8-10 weeks. That is a pretty idiot proof cycle, and the winstrol won’t shut down your nuts much. Don’t say you can’t get cheap winstrol. It is easy to find if you ask around.

If you don’t have anti-estrogen (clomid, noveldex, arimidex) then don’t do a cycle. Chrysin is not going to do anything for you, it doesn’t work. I don’t think that it is to wise trying to do a cycle with just orals, they are extremely toxic on the liver. Secondly most people even when combining an oral with a stack ususally won’t use the oral for more than 6-8 weeks max. There are much better options available for stacking that will give you much better results, with most orals you tend to lose a lot of your gains after you terminate their use.