Stacking Up on Biotest

I live in Iceland. And ordering from the Biotest store isn’t really an option.

However, my parents are going on a short vacation on 4th july.

So using that time i will ask my father to bring home Biotest supplements for me.

I’m willing to spend something around 200$ on it and i’d like to know what to get.

I’m 6’4’’ 185 lbs and roughly 7% bodyfat. Right now i’m most intersted in bulking.

I was thinking i should buy.

Grow! Whey / Metabolic Drive
Micronized german creatine.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I may have to prioritize. My father has informed me that he is unwilling to be carrying around tons of supplements for my use (“oh lord…”) so i may not get Surge or Metabolic Drive.

Maybe even just Flameout and Creatine.
Maybe you recommend getting anything else and buy a replacement supplement locally. Like BCAA, or HOT-ROX ?

I think you are on the right track. If you get the Metabolic Drive I would go with the complete because at your size and bf% I would think that you can handle carbs pretty well.

Yeah, you pretty much covered the basics.

good choices

Why don’t you get him to post it to you, on USPS’s slowest service? It may take 5-10days to get to you, but it will be cheap, no customs or tax to pay, and you can get the Surge and Metabolic Drive.