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Stacking Two Different Testosterones?

Is it possible too stack testosterone sustanol and cypionate? Since sus is so low in testosterone wise?

Of coarse its possible to stack two testosterones. Not really any great advantage over just using more of the same ester though. If you had some left over from a previous cycle you wanted to finish off, sure go ahead. I wouldn’t go out of my way to do it though.

Also how much total testosterone are we talking about? The bigger the total the more likely you are to get sides. That’s why you usually stack testosterone with another less androgenic steroid like Primo, or EQ etc.

This is relevant based on the thread title. Not exactly what you mention in your post though.

Since sustanon has four esters you get four times the gains. It’s science.


The plan was originally just to run sustanol, but my friend said I should run it with cypionate since the sus didn’t have that much testosterone in it. Should I run both or just one ? Sorry for bad spelling

What? Sustanon contains the same (if not more) test per ml when compared to test C (both are probably 250mg/ml, though test C might be 200mg/ml)… if you’re friend is talking about “you’ve only got one vial of each”… know that higher dosages equate to more risk, that’s a decision you have to make on you’re own

Your friend is a moron. Please ignore him from now on. (Also, I assume friend is code for dealer)

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Okay so it really doesn’t matter so I should stick with one of them ? What would u recommend ?

You have two bottles of testosterone at unknown dosages. What is the dosage on each bottle?

@dextermorgan the cyp is 200 and sustanol 250. Haven’t bought anything yet cus to me stacking those seems weird

Testosterone is testosterone… the differing eaters merely dictate the speed at which the hormone is released from the depo into the bloodstream

@flappinit I sent you an email sir