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Stacking TRIBEX with Carbolin 19


Aloha T-Nation members! I've gotten really great and prompt feedback on some other issues in the past and I'm looking forward for intuitive and helpful advice on stacking TRIBEX gold with Carbolin 19. I was just wondering how one should go about such stacking as I read (I think it was Cy...or Tim) about it being a good idea to stack the two during a cycle. Any suggestions on HOW?

Should you take the TRIBEX first or at the same time with the Carbolin 19? Or should you take one, wait a certain period of time and then take the other. OR is it a better idea to cycle onto the Carbolin 19 after a TRIBEX gold cycle. I'm at a loss as to what would produce the greatest gains and I don't want to take a combination of the two together if no additional benefits will come out of it.

ANY thoughtful advice, preferably with scientific reasoning as the basis for the explanation is welcomed. Once again T-Nation you truly are a port in the storm! Much mahalos and aloha!


I believe the TRIBEX is to be taken on an empty stomach, where as Carbolin 19 isn't that specific as to when to take it. I suggest taking it with a meal. And yes, it is a good stack.


Thanks...but how would you suggest stacking it? and when to take during which cycle? Should I take it between TRIBEX cycles, during or after? Once again, thanks for the reply though!


Take them together. Use both for at least 8 weeks at the dose you prefer.


I'm taking Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 together, not quite TRIBEX, but close enough for conversation.
As Bigaroo mentioned, the TRIBEX goes on an empty stomach. I realize this is hard to do if you are bulking, as an empty stomach is something you avoid having. I take if first thing in the morning and about 1.5-2 hours after lunch. The Carbolin 19 I take with breakfast and my afternoon snack. I avoid taking it with dinner, just to be sure I don't get the stimulant effect in the evenings.
Good stack, and along with hard work and big eating, it makes noticable results.
There is no reason you cannot take them together, and both will help. The only reason I can think of not to (besides medical issues) is to experiment to see how one or another works for you. But you will get a bang for your buck taking both.
Just to clarify, you mentioned cycles a few times. If you are refering to supplement cycles, go for it. If you are refering to an AAS cycle, I am not the best one to answer this, but common sense tells me to hold off on both until your cycle is complete and use this with a smart PCT and/or post cycle maintenence.


TRIBEX + Carbolin 19 = Testosterone & cAMP

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