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Stacking tribex/methoxy

I have 5 bottles of tribex, 2 bottles of methoxy 7 and 2 bottles of METHOXYLON.

My plan was 5 tribex twice daily

and then I’m not sure if I should use all my methoxy 7 (3 tbs daily OR is it better to do 2 tsp with every meal)
or interchange methoxy 7 and methoxylon on the same cycle.

Every so expert I talk to, (T-maggers)all say that you need alott of methoxy to do anything. Like 5 tbs a day is ideal, Ouch!!! is that true??/???

Hey i was wanting to do the same stack .what is methoxylon what company makes it. Also should u cycle methoxy 7 i mean how many weeks on and the off. see ya

Use the search engine at t-mag.

You’ll need to take twice as much Methoxylon as Methoxy-7 to get the same results. I’d stick with Methoxy-7.

come on guys I need some more info!

Again, this has been covered about a dozen times at T-mag. Use the search engine, big guy! Check the Behind the Scenes columns. That’s where they talk alot about stacks.