Stacking Too Much? Opinions

hey guys,
how do you feel about taking leucine, beta7, creatine, and flameouts as a stack…along with the Surge Workout Fuel used for my workouts…too much? just enough? advice on modifying a stack? I want opinions please…

All excellent supplements. None will interact negatively with the others. As far as too many? Not if your diet’s already in place. If you’re relying solely on supplements to make up for a subpar diet and training, then it won’t matter anyway.


what about adding superfood? i still have like half a jar of superfood sitting in my kitchen.

I love Superfood. It’s just a nice way to cover your antioxident bases. If you’re subjecting your body to the stresses of intense training on a regular basis, it’s a great way to ensure that your diet isn’t devoid of anything that may actually protect you health, not merely your physique :slight_smile:


The Mighty Stu talks, you listen… or write/read, whatever works for ya.

To contribute, I agree, if you diet(what you eat daily) is in order and you’re not neglecting your water intake, I think the list looks pretty good. I’m surprised some sort of protein powder wasn’t listed in there as well.

i usually take bsn’s protein powder, i am hopefullly gonna order some Metabolic Drive soon then