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Stacking Spike


Just trying to clarify what Spike can be stacked with. To my understanding, it is suggested that Spike and HOT-ROX are not to be stacked, and Spike and Carbolin 19 should not be stacked either correct?

Please correct me if I am wrong, and if you can explain to me why from a physiological stand point that would be phenominal.

Thanks for your time.


You also can't stack Alpha Male and Spike because Alpha Male has Carbolin 19 in it as well.


Any responses to this?

I was thinking about stacking Spike and Alpha Male. What are the side effects?


What is the harm in taking one Spike before a workout while taking your Alpha Male in the morning and then 6-8 hours later? I would love to see TC or Cy put out a Biotest Supps Do's and Don'ts for stacking. And for the guy who says 'go read the articles', well, I have, and so have others, but these questions keep coming up. Yes, it is sometimes easier/better to just have someone spell it out for you, or just tell you to do or not to do something. Ask JB, he'll agree.


I am currently using Alpha Male and on training morning I stack it with 2 Spike tabs. I havent noticed any bad effects yet.

I will let you know if my penis falls off like it did when I stacked creatine and glutamine.


I've also used Spike concurrently with Alpha Male without any noticeable side-effects.

helga, did the extra testosterone pumping through your veins from the Alpha Male enable you to re-grow your penis? If so, Biotest should use that as a new selling-point... :wink:


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You are exactly spot on. Thanks to Alpha Male I now have a penis back again.

I should also tell you that recently I fell asleep one night when I was really drunk and my mates, those crazy bastards, actually gave me a boob job while I was passed out. I woke up with a beautiful set of C cups. Rather than have this practical joke surgically reversed I started taking Rez-V which got rid of the fake boobs and returned me to my former manly chested shape.


Go ahead and take Caffeine-free Spike with any of our other products.