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Stacking Question


Ive done a quick search but didnt find anything conclusive to my question. The question is, that if one is taking Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 would there be any benifit to adding TRIBEX(yes it is still availible, just not here at Biotest) or taking the TRIBEX during the off cycle of Alpha Male?

I think from what Ive read that Carbolin 19 is something that doesnt need to be cycled but I am quoting myself of the top of my head, so please no flaming. Also is there anything else availible legally to amp up the Alpha Male/Carbolin 19 stack?


Amp up in what way? Alpha Male probably gets your T as high as you can get it legally. I don't think TRIBEX would be much additional benefit. Carbolin 19 is one of the best legal anaolics on the market currently. I don't think there's too much you can do to improve upon this with legal supplements.


Actually, you might be happy adding in Methoxy-7. But for me, it's more of a visual, hardening effect than anything else. But you might like it.


Alpha Male basically already contains TRIBEX. So stack it with something different, like Methoxy-7.


Thanks for the responses, I had a vauge understanding that was the case but since this will be my first major foray into taking supplements I wanted to hear from others on the subject.