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Stacking Philosophy

my stacking philosophy consists of using a class 1 and 2 androgen together. thats pretty much the extent of it. but, sometimes you hear that so and so got could results on some stack that doesnt meet that criteria (not that it would have to to give could results). for ex: test and deca seem to go well together, yet both bind well to the AR.

what i want to know specifically is has anyone used sust and deca (both class one, right?) together and what was your experience. other combinations are welcome too. thanks

MY first cycle consisted of sustanon and deca and produced good results. I really didn’t know enough at the time (6 months ago) to be able to recive the full benefits, yet I retained about 20lbs of the 30 I gained and kept almost all of my strength. PM with any questions you might have. I am no vet or guru though.