Stacking Orals with TRT


So just wanted some input from you guys. As you may know I’m on TRT with test prop and mast prop at ~70mg each per week.

My “blasts” consist of adding in orals every 6 weeks or so for 4 weeks. I’m not looking for huge gains in weight, just lean retain-able muscle.

Now I wanted your opinions, if some of you have been on here for ~ 10 years, you’ll know I’m one of those guys who gets the range of sides from most drugs, but also grows very very well.

So Tren is out because of hairloss (I never used to get it, but this time around I suffered bad so never again. I am not ready to go bald or clean shaven).
Deca is out because of Deca dick, I was screwed for around 18 months in the past.
Loved EQ, but due to the increase in BP and hematocrit, my skin tone got very dark and was raising questions at work (cannot take the risk).

So that leaves me with orals, 2 in particular as I do not want to mess with anything that aromatises. I am currently running Tbol at 50mg/d. I have gained 2kg in 1.5weeks, now I am wondering how deterimental it would be to liver health to add in some Anavar.

Im thinking Tbol/Var at 40/40 per day?

Lastly, Primo. What are your thoughts on this in regards to sides such hair loss etc.


What about NPP? Not the same sides as deca. Don’t mess with your liver if you dont have to.

Hey thanks for your reply.

I had deca dick from Deca, so Im guessing I wouldnt be any luckier on NPP.


If you can get legit Anavar then I wouldn’t even bother running the tbol concurrently. That stuff is magic all on its own.

With your mast protocol would primo be of much additional benefit in lower doses? I imagine you’d have to run it higher anyway, but I don’t know enough about stacking DHT derivatives to guess how the side effect to gains ratio would play out.

tbol and anavar at those doses sounds great. I doubt you would suffer any liver damage at those doses/durations.

You gained 2kg in 1.5 weeks, surely that can’t all be muscle

Yes my Var is legit, but I just cant seem to gain any weight on it. It’s great for vascularity and making me dry but my weight doesnt budge. Maybe I need to increase calories even more.


I might try it and see how it goes. Im very limited on my options.


Probably not, although I have blown up and leaned out too. May be a combination of glycogen and some muscle.


Just thought I’d update this.

Had to drop the Var, my BP was too high.

Going to stick to 40mg Tbol ED.

On a side note, as soon as I started the Var, a day or later I actually had ED issues and couldn’t perform. Could this be related to the Var or high BP?


I had the EXACT same issue with anavar, and I was only using 25mg/day BP went from hypotensive ranges to stage 3 hypertension (systolic) diastolic didn’t budge past pre-hypertension stages, it was like 165/85!

Yeah, legit Var is epic but it certainly kills my sex drive and appetite, alongside shooting BP through the roof.


Have you taken other orals? Do they have similar impacts on your BP?

Im currently on Tbol and yes my BP is high. But thats normal on gear. I have taken other orals in the past though but never really measured BP.


Does your sex drive go back to normal after you discontinue the Var? How long does that take?

It does, I would say a couple weeks. Var just makes me look like im on Tren, without the hairloss. If only the sex drive wasnt a problem on it I’d love to run it more often.


Do you know what the mechanism is that affects your sex drive?

No one knows, it’s all individual, var didn’t increase or decrease my sex drive while I was on it. Increased hardness, vascularity and gave me a “dense” look to my muscles, weight gain was no more than what I’d’ve have made on TRT though.

I BIC my head. I have for years. Not worried about hair loss. What type of oral steroids would yall recommend in that case? My buddy recommended Anadrol. I’m not ready to do any oral steroids but just learning. I want to do my testosterone only blast solo first so anything else is down the road.

None of em lol, orals pose a risk of hepatotoxicity that most injectable preparations don’t pose a risk of, the structural alteration at the 17th carbon position inhibits them from being broken down by the first pass through the liver after oral injestion, the liver tries to break the compound down regardless but has a lot of trouble doing so, the result is liver strain/toxicity. The alternations in lipid profiles caused by oral AAS (C17AA) also tend to be very drastic, as the liver manages cholesterol and some increase hepatic lipase which decreases HDL, seriously the blood work of dudes on superdrol, I’ve seen HDL as low as 4 and LDL over 300. Some are more harsh than others, and some don’t seem to be as sensitive to the lipid altering aspects as others however clinical data shows a mere 5-6mg of winny/day causes a 30 something% drop in HDL and a 30 something percent t increase in LDL, bodybuilding doses are upwards of 25mg/day. While orals are typically more potent than injectable AAS, much of the weight gain will come from (depending on which oral you use) glycogen retention, water retention, sodium retention and whatnot, these will disappear as soon as you stop using. Now whether you gain pure muscle at a faster rate than injectable AAS, like if you were to use anadrol vs test prop/suspension for a kick-start, I’m not sure, but is the extra risk worth it? Not in my opinions unless you’re a strength athlete or competitive bodybuilder.

Anadrol is on the harsher side, it’s hepatotoxicity is overstated (however it’s one of the only AAS DIRECTLY linked to the development of hepatocellular carcinoma and therefore is likely more carcinogenic than most AAS). Anadrol seems to cause E2 related sides despite being a DHT derivitave, the mechanism remains unknown but an AI won’t help, SERMs will be able to stop gyno, high amounts of water retention, dramatic and fast haematological changes, high blood pressure, acne and a general feeling of lethargy and lack of appetite are common from anadrol. Some people who can handle anadrol absolutely love it, others won’t touch it. I’m not going to recommend any orals due to the fact I don’t recommend drugs or supplements however I’m just giving the low down on what I think about orals. You’d be better off with injectables in my opinon

Once again I’m not an expert there’s a good chance there’s error in my writing here.