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Stacking oral 19-Nor/4-AD w/Androsol|Nandrosol

I’ve got a whole bottle of these orals (lozenges) left over and I’m wondering if there might be any benefit to taking them pre-workout to help boost above what I’m getting with max Andro/Nandro. These things reportedly have less potency, less halflife, and less absorption. Assuming that the conversion enzyme is in surplus is it worth it? Counter productive?

i wouldn’t see any problem with taking them myself. the 4-ad and nor-4-ad prohormones are anabolic in nature themselves, even if they don’t convert to test or nandrolone. might as well try to put yourself over the top if you already have the capsules. i wouldn’t think it would mess up any absorbtion of the (n)androsol.

The conversion enzyme is definitely already
saturated, so you wouldn’t see any extra rise
in T or N levels. You could expect temporary brief yet-further increases in 4-AD or nor-4-AD levels. Whether that will help muscle growth noticeably or not I don’t know, but doubt. No one seems to be finding that using more than 70 sprays 2x/day of Androsol gives more results,
so I think at that point you are where to get
more results, you have to add another steroid
(a Class I) rather than just adding yet more
4-AD or nor-4-AD.

However, if the improvement of using more
4-AD were fairly small, like 10% for example,
that would be pretty hard to detect with any confidence and so I can’t rule out there may be some small yet worthwhile benefit to increasing levels yet further. Certainly a cheaper way to do that though (except for having the oral lozenges already) is simply to spray a wider area. But as mentioned, I don’t think that’s necessary.

Thanks guys. I’m going to assume that since you didn’t address it that it ‘won’t’ be counter productive. And since I’ve already spent the money I’m going to give it a shot. Just hoping for a little spike. These things taste pretty bad though.

Any Prohormones or other legal stuff that would qualify as “class I”? What about fina?

The bad taste is due to the unacceptable
(in my opinion) quality of the manufacturer
of that particular 4-AD. This is not the
fault of the company selling the finished
sublingual product, but of their supplier. 4-AD itself
is perfectly and completely tasteless, and
there is no bad taste to cyclodextrins either.

Why doesn’t the company selling the product
use the pure 4-AD we use? Unlike the case with
Androsol, where the patent of the 4-AD manufacturer does not apply, that company
is forced to use the inferior 4-AD lest they
be sued. It’s an unfortunate situation when
a manufacturer uses their patent to force
other companies to buy very substandard
grade material and prohibit them from buying
good stuff from quality manufacturers. Hopefully this situation will

On the other question, Fina is Class I. None of the currently
available prohormones are.