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Stacking methoxy, Androsol, Tribex

I am on t-dawg diet, and just got my shipment of MD6, T2 pro, methoxy, androsol, and Tribex. What would be the most effective way to stack these products, cost effective too since I am still payin my student loans. BTW I am 5’8/200lbs/14%BF (moderate metabolism).
Another question about Androsol’s application for hairy people, should I shave ?
Thanks folks

Use Tribex and Methoxy-7 after the Androsol, not at the same time. Use other stuff all the time. Clip hair short if really hairy, no need to shave though. We’d really need to know how long you plan on dieting and other info to really answer this.

Thanks Paul, Well I am plannin to stay on the diet for about 7-8 weeks, and tryin to follow most of the suggestions the article has i.e. 70/160/220=2900 calories. This is the 1st time I am using the biotest products and want to make the best of them. Please correct me if I am wrong, I should use the androsol for 2 weeks then go on tribex/methoxy stack for 2-4 weeks, and so on?..and yeah I am kinda hairy, thanks to the damn hair gene…

Sounds good spuddy. Some also used Androsol at only 35/35 sprays per day, instead of 70/70 when dieting and reported good results. That would make your Androsol last twice as long. I assume you’re trying to lose fat as a main goal so that should help you preserve muscle and maybe even build some if you’re fairly new to lifting.