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Stacking MD6 and T2

Waht up MANIMALS!!! Okay here’s the deal. I’ve been stacking the 2 of these hardcore thermo’s together for like almost 2 weeks, I’m never hungry!!! I personally LOVE VEAL sandwiches, while on the 2 supps. my cravings have more than stopped - I Can’t Eat!!! I don’t know if the supps. are working too well or if I’m taking too much 1 cap T2/3x, 2 caps MD6(old version) /3x. When it comes time to eat, it’s like forcing myself to eat BCAA powder dry - NASTY!!! The food I eat usually tastes good, protein shakes don’t bother me at all. I just lose interest and feel full or something, I just don’t want anymore of watever it is I force down. How the hell do I solve this problem of mine??? I dropped about 1 inch of my waist, so I guess the stuff is working. Anything other than water doesn’t feel right or taste right going down.