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Stacking Many Biotest Supplements?


I’m currently using Flameout for a long time and am happy with it (it helped me a lot with knee joints inflammation!). Recently I started a cut, and bought HOT-ROX.

I would like to know if stacking Flameout + HOT-ROX + Rhodiola Rosea + ReceptorMax + L-Leucine would have any negative effects, or even be dangerous for health generally, or inadequate while cutting specifically ?

I have some difficulties handling HOT-ROX because of a jittery feeling, but I try to go over it. However I would not like to make things worse :slight_smile:

I don’t see a reason why it would be of any danger, but I lack of knowledge in this area to assess it myself.

Thanks you in advance for your answers…

I am on a cut, and stacking HOT-ROX, l-leucine, omega-3s along with zma/tribulus and beta alanine/creatine and have had no negative impact, although I can’t comment on rhodilea or ReceptorMax.

Thank you.

Personally I have started HOT-ROX + Rhodiola this morning, I will see how it goes. I do not count BCAA and Leucine as they are amino acids, harmless.

When my ReceptorMax shipping will come, I will add it starting with the minimum dosage and check if I react well.

dont know much about Rhodiola Rosea, but the rest look fine. Leucine is just protein, and Flameout is just fat. ReceptorMax is a bunch of good stuff thrown together, and should be fine with HRX.

Currently I use: Carbolin 19, Flameout, Superfood, ZMA, creatine, some of the individual components of ReceptorMax (high doses of cinnamon, fenugreek seed), and am about to start adding BCAAs and Leucine once I get some. The only concern would be your wallet!

Thanks for sharing ! :slight_smile:

Oh yes, I hear my wallet screaming already… I just don’t listen :wink: