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Stacking M1T

Considering the hepatoxicity of M1T by itself, I was wondering what any of the gurus have to say about stacking another ph with M1T. Near the end of my last bout I started implementing 4 androstenediol combined with 4 nor-androstenediol for the last 5 days…(small amounts of the cyclo variety) I kind of just did this out of pure jonesing for more test. I wasn’t sure of what the synergy would be. Bill Philips? Anyone? Throw any prohormone stack out there.

Also there is talk about anti-aromitase supps like 6-0x0 blocking aromitization, then boosting free test, which aromitizes into estrogen again! Is there any truth to this rumor?

Thanks for any input.


dannnnnggg… nobody? I know about 4-ad and the lethargy remedy… but I just thought someone can give me a good synergistic prohormone stack using M1T as the base.