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Stacking M1T and Methyl-D-Dein

I’m starting a series of two week cycles, followed by two weeks off in between, and wanted people’s thoughts on stacking M1T with Methyl-D-Dein.

I’m 31, have 10+ solid years of training under my belt, weigh 220, my guess is about 13% body fat (?) and I’m looking to put on a few pounds of keepable muscle.

My training, nutrition and PCT are the easy part but, seeing as how I’m not too expereienced with recreational pharmacology, I’d love some assistance with the (pro)hormones.

I was thinking 10-20mg of M1T a day with 2mg of Methyl-D-Dein.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I just finished a cycle of m1t, was very happy with the results. I did not stack with 4-ad, am wishing now that I would have. The place where I buy all my non-biotest supps has a m1t/m1d combo pill now, looks pretty bad ass. The name of the manufacturer is Axion-Pharma. I took 20mgs/day of m1t. If I were to do it again, I would get the M1t/M1d stack, and take it with 4-ad. Good luck