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Stacking IGF-1 with GHRP6

Would taking 80mcgs of IGF-1 on top of 300mcgs of GHRP-6 ED be a good idea or just overkill bc he GHRP-6, which I ust started taking, already causes the pituatray to release more GH? I’m bulking now until summer, and I’ve never used the IGF-1 before, but i’m hearing great things about both of these “peptides”.

Saturation dose of GHRP6 is 1mcg per kg of bodyweight. Any more than that will not create a bigger GH spike.

Youre splitting the g6 in 3-4 doses right?


that term really doesnt exist when it comes to drugs and bodybuilding.

Whether something is valuable (cost efficient) is a different story.