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Stacking Help - Cy and Others


I need some help with a supp. schedule. i have a couple of bottles of Methoxy-7, HOT-ROX, M, and RED KAT. just wanted some opinions on using them together, and what dosages, times of day to take,etc. thanks for the help.(time for my own research, just wondering what you guys though).
P.S. this would be for fat-loss,maintain muscle.


How many of each?



I'd use the HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7 for 8-12 weeks, followed by M and RED KAT for s similar time period.

As for the dosage, and time to take each, just go with the label recommendations.

Hope that helps.


if youre asking how many bottles, i have 3 Methoxy-7, 3 M, 2 HOT-ROX, and 3 RED KAT


i figured dosage would be label directions, just wondering if there was an optimal time to use each.
thanks a bunch--Gags