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Stacking Hard, Advise on PCT

Hey guys, I am new to the site but not new to juicin. However, stacking is something ive never done but read a lot about.

This will be my 8th cycle and decided to go pretty hard after experimenting with solo cycles.

So… This is an 8 week stack consisting of HGH frontload before the actual cycle…

Tren-A @ 150mg every other day 600mg a week

Test E @800mg

Tbol @ 60mg

I may opt for dbol instead of tbol and if i do i will drop test down to 400.

What i am wondering is what is your choice of PCT


Your pct will be the same as whatever has worked for you the previous eight cycles. Just because you’re using new compounds in a stack doesn’t change the end goal of pct, which means use whatever recovery methods have benefited you in the past.

I would think a little harder about adding tbol and tren simultaneously. Tbol can cause some bp issues in guys, and tren can do the same. That’s a side effect that you’d be wise to avoid if possible.

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Tell me more about your front load. How much gh/day for how long? I may have some insight for you

I was thinking of doing 10iu a day. However I am open to suggestions.

Typically i get the response from gym rats that its a waste of time but scientifically speaking it should cause my blood levels to go up faster.

Unfortunately, I cant tell you that but perhaps someone else can. I too would be looking for another supplier because I like to cut things other than my weight…and that would be costs

So what do you think about dropping Tbol and going for Dbol?

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I’m currently running 5 IU and seeing terrific fat loss with no changes in diet or exercise. 10/day seems like a lot and it’s going to be expensive.

Be prepared for a significant water weight gain in the beginning but just ride it out and it will go away and the fat loss will begin

At a low enough dose that should work for size and strength without causing the high bp sides associated with tbol.

Sorry buddy new to site. A lot of conflicting opinions regarding tbol only cycle can I just ask if I were to run 60mg a day for 6-7 weeks can you advise nolva should begin immediately after cycle has ended?

No worries. The Mods will get after you on source talk.

Sorry, I’m a blast and cruise guy. Not versed in PCT. Some of the other guys can help you there.

Oral-only cycles are usually frowned upon. But if you were to do that then yes, you’d start pct immediately after you finished your course of whatever oral you were on.

Why are they frowned upon so much

Really good discussion on this subject here.