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Stacking Epistane with a Low Dose of Dianbol?

Let me get the mandatory stuff out of the way: I have run proper injectable based cycles in the past. Loved 'em. I fully understand that injectables are superior in just about every way when compared to orals. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to track down a reliable source for a of couple orals and that’s it. Bummer.

I’ve used Epistane in the past with very favorable results. I like that it offers mild (yet noticeable) gains and seems to have a hardening effect. Having said that, I’m always interested in kicking things up a notch.

What would you guys think of running a standard dose of Epistane (say 30-40mg daily for 4-6 weeks tops) while adding in a small-dose of dianabol pre-training? I was thinking 10-20mg before training, only on training days, and taking somewhat early in the morning.

My theory is that the dbol would offer a nice boost in training aggression and that there would also be a synergy between the two compounds. Though I wouldn’t really expect any estrogen issues using a low-dose, from what I understand Epistane has anti-estrogenic effects. I have plenty of toremifene on hand for PCT, and I could also use it in the case estrogenic sides popped up.

Any thoughts or recommendations on this? I am extremely open to suggestions regarding dosages, etc. I appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

My thoughts keep trying to find injectables. If it takes you a few extra weeks to get proper stuff so be it.