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Stacking Drol and Dbol!


I've read a few accounts of people stacking anadrol and dianabol and loving he results.

Some said they used relatively low doses of both (like 50/25) and yet it produced better results than either one by itself at higher doses.

Other went gung ho and used "normal" doses of each simultaneously.

I guess if one were to try this one should limit the use of these orals to very brief cycles, and of course have nolva (and adex?) on hand. Maybe even run adex from the start with the dbol and drol?

Anyone here having tried the dbol+drol stack? Either with injectables or with a third oral like winny or anavar?


IMO it would be a bad idea. The two have a very similar function and if ran together as the only AAS in a cycle I could see the gains (although possibly great) very hard to maintain. Instead I would drop the dbol and just use moderate doses of both anadrol and winstrol along with test. But thats just me.


IMO you would get the gains of one and sides of both not worth it


I've seen a lot of people do it with test. I'm considering it.


Well actually, from what I've read those who tried it got the gains of both and the sides of neither, since they ran both at lower doses than they would've otherwise.

However I would think that the drol could make the estrogenic sides from the dbol worse, so adex and nolva would be a must.

Of course if one were to run 150mg drol and 50 mg dbol at the same time... that migth not be the healthiest combo in the long run. :slightly_smiling:


AFAIK, Drol is quite a nice drug with winstorl, but with Test it is really harsh - much more uncomfortable and laden with sides..

I can only imagine what Drol and Dbol are like.. both quite uncomfortable drugs - and crap without a good base..

I bet a stack of Eq and drol could be good actually. Proviron Obv. for libido.. little winny for sides..



Winstrol and anadrol are both toxic to your system, you don't want to do these together. Drol and test are great bulking drugs, do nor run anadrol more than 50-100mg for more than 6 weeks, you can run test for 12 weeks. dbol and anadrol are basically the same. You should always run a test base for best results. Make sure you take in milk thistle for your liver.


Well yeah anadrol is toxic. However, people have been chewing anadrol for up to 12 weeks (and some even longer) and liver values were back within normal range a few weeks after they stopped.

I do believe the dangers of oral steroids is a bit exaggerated.

Still: Say I was to run drol, dbol and winny for short two-three week blasts, then take two-three weeks off before hitting them again. Would this work? I read somewhere that dbol and anadrol work through different pathways and that you could get great effect with relatively low doses of each if run simultaneously.

I had rather good results with two-weekers on drol and winny. Busted through some strength plateus.


Drol and Winstrol is a common coupling - different classes and winstrol is anti-prog.

Dbol and Drol are both the same class, plus it isnt very smart to run 3 TOXIC drugs.. over exaggerated or not.

JMO... seems like you gonna go for it anyways!

Why dont you do a real cycle?



Hehe, no I am not going for it really, I just read that some HAD tried it and they didn't die and actually recommended it. So I just wanted to know if anyone here had tried it.



lol! i see! :slightly_smiling:


run them together by all means....but your results would be better with a test base. i've heard positive things about the combo. they are different in how they exert their effects...and anyone with experience running both will tell you they are nowhere near the same, regardless of classes. i remember Morepain saying running them together is a good option. go for it.

don't worry about the bloating. bloat promotes hypertrophy....added water weight and gained strength and recovery promotes muscle growth in people who train their ass off. most guys (not all, but most) who say you lose all your gains off of drol or d-bol just simply don't train hard enough, or eat enough. your gains will be solid and maintainable if you train with effort and intensity and eat. you'll lose water weight after, but you should have some gains that stick.


Interesting. Do you have a link to morepains post about running them together?


drol-50 mg

4-6weeks tops

results...yeah u'll like


Supposably you get some crazy gains. Not sure I'd do that myself. Doesn't seem to healthy.


Just read about a study where 31 old men (65-80 years old) were using 100mg drol for 12 weeks. Gained 12lbs. Only slightly elevated liver enzymes, but all were healthy afterwards.

In another study people used drol at 100mg ED for 30 weeks! Gains stopped after 19-20 weeks. No one developed any serious liver problems.

Yet another study people used drol for 6 months. None died.

Drol is not the most evil and dangerous steroid ever. I read about the guys who got liver cancer too. Yeah, 400mg drol for a year or more! No wonder the liver took a hit.

Oh well. I am not saying anadrol is healthy. But using a combo of drol and dbol for 6 weeks will NOT kill your liver (if you're healthy). Would be more concerned with gyno actually.



If you like it so much.. just do it and post a log! Why do WE have to do it too.. it isnt like adding proviron to a cycle, it is STILL stacking 2 orals.


there, there... take it easy. Maybe I will try it after my vacation.

If I do I'll post a log. Maybe even with a before an after photo of my liver.



Really? Good lad. I personally WILL be interested in liver values and mainly in FUCKING SIZE! !



Enough said, fuck... If you like it so damn much, fucking run it! Start a log, and let us know happens. Who give a shit about all these "studies". We can go on, and on and clog up this forum- You will never know until you try.