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Stacking Deca&D-bol

I am a long time reader of the board but first time poster. I have a question about stacking Deca & D-bol. I am 25 yrs old 178 lbs 10% body fat. I haven’t done a cycle in over a year. I was thinking of 1 shot of 200 mg of deca and 2 pills before I work out and two pills after I work out. Is this the “best” stack to provide me with increased size and cutting? Any feedback and opinions appreciated.

That’s 200mg of Deca per week, right? I used the exact same amounts in the early 80’s for 6 weeks. My strength increased about 15-20% & bodyweight went up 10lbs. To be truthful, it wasn’t very productive. I didn’t think the timing of dbol before/after a workout was important, so I just took 4 evenly spaced throughout the day. This is extremely mild for today’s standards, I’ve actually made better gains almost 20 years later by combining Androsol, Nandrosol, Tribex, and Methoxy7.

You would do better to divide the Dianabol
dose equally through the day rather than
as you describe.

Use the “search” feature at this site and
I am quite confident you’ll find more than
enough information.