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Stacking & Cycling

thanks guys for the earlier feedback!
i asked for on stacking, very grateful since im all alone at this. i dont have friends doing what im doing so i am most grateful of the help i recieve on here.

ok i have something to ask y`all i have started taking stanazolol 5 i am taking ten a day to make up the 50 mg needed, looking for advice on how to spread them across the day or do i just do 5 and 5? not sure you tell me PLEASE

I would inject the enanthate twice a week to maintain a high degree of stability, but you could skate by with only once. The EQ only needs to be injected once weekly. The more frequently you inject, the more stable your blood concentration is = better results and fewer sides. Toss the winny in if you want depending on what your goals are.

Aside: i hope you know more about GH than you appear to about steroids because that can be a dangerous product.

I am planning a 2 month cycle how I can I get the best results from using SUSTANON 250MG, DIANABOL 50ml, HCG, Clomid 50mg and Novaldex. I am 5’9 185lbs and want to compete next june. What do you think of this stack?
Thank you

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If you’re going to inject test and EQ then the EQ has to be EOD and the test can be dome twice per week or all at once. Does not really matter.

Blood concentrations.

I see many bros hanging on to the train of thought that stable blood concentrations are most important. This is true but only to a degree. Enanthate can be doen once every 7 days and it will make no difference at the same dosage as compared to twice a week dosing, any difference fealt will be psychological. This is a hotly debated topic and many people shun preparations such as Sustanon 250, because it causes unstable blood levels. I would think that the people at organon, who synthesized and basicall made testosterone and it’s preparations studied this long enough to know what they were doing. It turns out that test levels raise and fall all day long, with dramatic peaks and valleys. Sustanon is so very effective at such a low dosage because it mimmicks the bursts going into the blood stream. This is something the bodybulding community will catch onto in the coming years. You can say Sustanon causes a stable instability . So with enanthate and cypionate use the minnimal dosing schedule of once per week and allow your body to work with it , as opposing to forcing it to.

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I prefer to inject more frequently because I have found that I end up with almost no acne on my shoulders with more frequent injects. When i used to dose my test on a “once a week” protocol I usually got some zits on my shoulders. Also, i use 1cc insulin pins for my shots and I would have to use several of them to get the dose of test I want, so why not just go ahead and inject them on different days. I guess its more of a convenience thing.

I am also interested to know why you would inject EQ every other day. With probably the longest halife of any of the commonly used steroids this doesnt make much sense to me.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Gregus, a quick question. “the EQ needs to be injected EOD”. Really? Why?


Propably because i am used to encountering the Ganabol brand of EQ which only came in the 50mg /cc. This low concentration made it easier to get the required dosages with EOD injection throughout the week. I mean who wants to shoot 400mg in a 8cc injection at one time. Other then that it was propably a knee jerk reaction on my part forgetting that some bro’s have acess to higher concentration EQ. So sorry for the confusion.

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