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Stacking Anavar and Carbolin 19?


Any feedback/experience on staking Anavar (50 Mg/ED) with Carbolin 19 (60 Mg/ED)


I love Carbolin 19. I used it at 80-100mg/day for a while and was very impressed with it's effect on my physic. It couldn't hurt to include it in a cycle.


It is one of my favourite 'regular' supplements too. It definitely is better used at larger amounts than is suggested 'on the tin' IMO - as many many things are!



Brook, you should turn in your gear membership card.

Anavar alone is a piss poor cycle. A better idea would be to spend your money on good old fashioned testosterone.



I'm pretty sure Brook was talking about Carbolin 19.


Post cycle, Anavar made my hay fever unbearable.
After much money spent on private care for relief, Carbolin 19 was the only remedy that cleared it.


Seems i have a new nemesis.. oh shit.. :s



All, thanks for the feedback.

This post was intended for the Biotest folks, everything I could find about Carbolin 19 was/has been written by Biotest and there is no 3rd party evaluation, my concern was addressing possible overdosing or negative side-effects. There are "some" products that should not be used in conjunction (like some CNS stimulants).

In spite of the proximity of my next run, Im testing the reactions I get from the new combinations and how to control them; In regards to the side effects im experiencing with the two mentioned above, is added allergic sensitivity (resolved with 5ml of childrens Zyrtec)


Brook: would double the 'suggested' dosage be sufficient, or is more than that necessary?


i also am a fan of Carbolin 19, i can't prove it but i beleive it has been very helpful in maintaining my mass from my heavy drug usage days to now when i only take Prescribed HRT. Like i said its a theory, all i know is that from the kind of dosing i used to do to what i do now i should have lost alot of size, but i didn't. I pretty much live on Metabolic Drive, Flameout, Superfood, and HOT-ROX extreme (with Carbolin 19).

As for stacking it with anavar...well people can throw around all the "rules" they want to but in the end the general populace is going to take what they have on hand, so i would say why not? Chances are you are going to do it, so just do it, then you can tell us what you thought about it.


(assuming Carbolin 19)I personally wouldn't be afraid to hike that shit up (and get a loan...) - but yes, i would say double would be a good start. It IS mild when compared to the shit we talk about here - but when compared to the others in the same family (legal, non-PH type suppies) it is decent. Small performance and muscle increases (non-scale benefits) with positive effects on bodyfat were noticed by me when i used it.



Thanks, man. I have always stayed with the 2 caps bid dosage, and I have felt that there has been a noticeable, albeit small, benefit from that. Hadn't really considered doubling the dosage, but am awaiting a new order and will immediately go to four caps bid and check the response over the next month.

Many thanks.