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stacking 4-adec with t-2 (cutting cyle)

Has anyone had any success using 4-adec in conjunction with t-2 pro??? (cutting cycle)

Yes, I am currently using 4 adec at 1 dose per day with t-2pro at 3 daily wthreg. caffiene and ephedrine 3’xs a day. I have been doing the fat fast and am on day 19. I have been doing low intensity and occasionl HIT type cardio for a total 0f 4 times a week.I am 21 years old and have been training seriously and consistenty since I was 14. I started the diet at 5"8 and 203lbs at 14.9% bodyfat and am now 189lbs at 11% or so. I am really pleased with the results so far, and am thinking of adding some methoxy and md6 prett soon. I feel the 4adec has been really effective at helping me keep lean body mass.I am currently entering the third stage of Ian Kings 12 weeks to super strength.

Yes, and the results were very good. Faster fat loss, no plateau, and the 4-AD-EC help me keep the muscle. I took caffeine before workouts as well, but no ephedrine.