Stacker 2

i was just wondering if anyone had used stacker 2 and if so, what were your results. im sure MD6 is better but i live in canada and since it is both illegal here and has large shipping, i would rather buy something local. any comments would be great

Isn’t that stuff made by the same guy/company that brings you wrestling (WWF)? I would really have to look into the efficacy of the purported results of that product. Sounds like he’s just mass marketing a product that people will buy. Regardless of the results.
But I could be wrong…

It’s just a typical E/C stack but it does have quite a loyal following amongst some of the people I know who’ve used it. The main reason why is they say it wires them out and gives them more energy than any other fat burner. (some people like that feeling) My guess is the stuff might contain more ephedrine per cap than listed.

All the ephedrine/caffeine combos are basically the same. hydroxycut uses HCA, Xenadrine adds in synepherine, ripped fuel and stacker stick with the basics of EC…but they will all yield similar results of boosting your metabolism, thus burning fat. i find ripped fuel and clebutrx work well for me…but others i know swear by xenadrine and stacker or hydroxycut. you really can’t go wrong with this combo though. then there are thyroid formulas and EC/thyroid formulas. not sure on biotests fat burning formulas myself, perhaps someone will comment on them. i have only used the tribex/mag-10/M by biotest.

Actually MD6 is really pussy on the Caffiene. It only has 100 mg. That is not enough to be in a ten to one ratio with the ephedrine. I would order some phentermine from an online pharmacy if I were you. You shouldn’t have a problem with that in Canada.

thanks a lot for the response guys, i just wanted to make sure it was a decent product. hopefully it will help me lose a little bit so ill be under 10%… then again, maybe not

I agree with the other posts…just a simple e/c/a stack…it works but I’m not sure of the quality control of stackers because I’ve taken a single dose and haven’t felt a thing (i.e. that typical ephedrine buzz) and other times I’ve felt WAY to sped up. Those lucky bastards that were wise enough to develop stacker along with all there other “energy” products (they market and sell other products just like stackers, “black beauties” and “yellow jackets” just to name a few) I’m sure have made a pretty penny on the stuff. Between all the truck drivers, 13 year old girls with “weight issues” and crackheads they must have made a killing.

I guess you can tell I don’t particuliarly care for stacker products based on their marketing. I see the shit in convenience and stationary stores everywhere I go. In my mind this is irresponsible and could very well lead to e/c/a stacks going bye-bye in the U.S. . If you buy it from Habib at your local Al-Qaeda chapter / 7-11 or Chester the molester at the five and dime next to the local elementary school, it just seems wrong. Call me crazy. So hopefully I didn’t go too far off track. Why don’t you just move to the U.S. ? That way you can buy all the fat burners you like AND live in a real country!!! Just kidding, I love Canada. Montreal has some of the most beautiful women I’ve seen and the people are great. I live in NJ so I can talk shit about anywhere. But seriously, good luck and if you can, try to give your money to a semi-responsible retailer. Peace

no worries about the anti-canada shit, its places like quebec that really bring us down