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Hey guys, Just thought I would finally get involved and start monitoring my progress, and thanks to the inspiration of everyone on here, I thought I would share it with you all.

At present I'm 76KG (2kg heavier that in October 2009 and with a 2% drop in body fat)

I want to add mass, especially to my chest which just doesnt seem to want to grow, particularly my upper inner chest despite timeless effort. I have just been advised to add the pec deck to my chest routine which I previously ignored, opting for the free wight flye option, but started this last week and never felt a pump like it!! (Thanks Nigel!!)

I was also advised to concentrate more on close grip incline presses on the smith machine on my Triceps day, but really focusing on hitting my upper pecs.

If anyone else has any tips or comments I would welcome them greatly.

Thanks Guys



If you want to keep track of your progress, theres a forum called "training logs". Its clear that you didn't read the sticky for RMP, so I'll help you out and copy and paste a relevant quote about the rules here.


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ok, so here is my final workout plan after a few weeks of toying with it and making a few adjustments

Monday - Chest and Biceps
Bench Press - 1. 60kg 10reps
2 & 3 90kg 8 reps
4. 105kg to failure (sitting at 4 at the minute)

Incline DB Flye - 1. 18kg 10 reps
2, 3 & 4 24kg 8 reps

E-Z bar bicep curl - 1. 30kg 10 reps
2. 45kg 8 reps
3. 45kg 8 reps
4. 45kg 8 reps

Pec Dec - 1. 49kg 15 reps (full movement)
2. 69kg 12 reps (full Movement)
3. 69kg 8 reps at full movement then 8 reps short (at top)
4. 69kg to failure on full movement then rest for 10 seconds then to failure on short

DB Hammer Curl - 1. 15kg 10 reps
2 & 3 20kg 8 reps
4. 20kg to fail

Then I do a short ab workout doing cable crunches 4 sets of 10 @ 80kg supersetted with hanging leg raises

Tuesday - Back, Shoulders & Tri's
DB Shoulder Press - 1. 16kg 12 reps
2, 3 & 4 26kg 8 reps

Side Delt raises - 1. 8kg 12 reps
2, 3 & 4 14kg 8 reps

Romanian Dead Lift - 1. 100kg 10reps
2 & 3 130kg 8 reps
4. 150kg 4 reps

Skull Crushers - 1. 12kg 10 reps (each arm)
2 & 3 18kg 8 reps (each arm)
4. 18kg to failure

Shoulder Shrugs using Hammerstrenghth bench machine - 1. 150kg (total) 10 reps
2&3 200kg (total) 10reps
4. 220kg (total) to failure (8)
My main problem with this one is grip. I feel I could up my weight but even using straps my grip slips alot

Smith Machine Incline Close Grip Press - 1. 60kg 10 reps
2 & 3 90kg 8 reps
4. 90kg to fail (by this stage I am totally fucked and manage 3!!)
I also try to emphasise on my upper inner chest when i do these, really pushing and sqeezing my pecs at the top.

I also have a leg workout on Thursday and a secondary chest workout which I do on a Friday which incorporates alot of my Wednesday workout but I swap my bench press for incline db press and by incline flye for flat flye.

I have been doing this workout for nearly 3 weeks now and already I have noticed a huge difference in my strenghth, size and definition.

If anywone has any comments please let me know. Im on here to learn and progress.

Thanks guys