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Stack Suggestions


I just started weightlifting regularly and seriously for the first time. I’ve also been taking TRIBEX and ZMA which I got from Biotest. I can really tell that they are doing something, because I am more focuses during workouts and am breaking out like I never have in a long time.

However, the only reason I got TRIBEX was because Alpha Male was out of stock at the time, I would like to try that too.

Which stack do you think would give best results?




Alpha Male

That is about all I can afford for right now.

Also, if someone could give me an honest opinion about AndroTest and 6 oxo, as found on www.prosource.net/extreme-test-stack/6477-1/29877/

I would appreciate it.


Id give #2 a go bro

6oxo never did a thing for me and what would be your reason to using it isnt it more an estrogen blocker. The other sorry didnt even look but generally any product IMOP that tries to play off of steroid names is usually JUNK


Alpha Male, ZMA and Rez-V would be kick ass. I speak with experience.