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Stack Suggestions Please


I was finally able to get my hands on some stuff here. Un-fortunately all I could get was Stanozolol(winny) 50mg/vial (3 vials) total. Also Methandrostenoloni 5mg/tabs (100). I have looked in the archives and searched around alot on the web and books i have,but I cant seem to find a great way to stack these. Any suggestions are welcome!

I weigh 180, 5,6. Mainly going for size, then strengh, then cut. I realize this is not an ideal stack group but it is all I could get here. I just got done doing basically a powerlifters workout to go back to the basics and get a solid foundation. I was really looking into doing the Westside for skinny bastards program. Will it be a good program while i am on the dark side, or should i stay with a basic routine based on my goals. I have quite a bit of time for gym use. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Note: I could find lots of info on the 2 seperated but was wanting to know the proper way to stack the 2.


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yeh, i kinda figured that. they are glass vials so i figured i would have to take about 50 ml every 2-3 days all at once....damn lol. I was hoping maybe i could find a way to stretch it out i guess but it would probably be pointless. I will probably just take the D- straight. What I have is all I can get here. Do you think the Winny is even worth taking in the amount that I have??? Thanks


you definately need to buy more gear. like bushboy said..3 winny vials is basically 3 days worth (so forget the winny), and 100 5 mg d-bols won't last long at a normal dosage. at the lowest effective dose (probably 15 mg ED)....then you are looking at approx 4.5 weeks of d-bol only. generally speaking, d-bol only cycles are typically shunned because the qaulity of gains is generally low (high water retention) and difficult to keep post cycle. if you plan to do d-bol only then i would suggest a higher dosage of 40-50 mg ED for 4 weeks (just my opinion)....which means you still need more gear. what about PCT and anti-e's?????


Thanks for the help juice and bushboy. I was planning on taking Biotests (M) anit-e. It should be good enough , you think. Yeh i did the math based on 25-30mg/d and it came to around 26 days worth. I should prob just wait till I can try to get more gear. You agree? Thanks
Note: i had a nice stack and exactly what I wanted, but like life you can't always get what you want lol.


Never start a cycle without the proper anti-e's (Nolva,Clomid) M is not going to cut it man. Get some more gear and some anti-e's and you can construct a hell of a better cycle.


Thanks for the help.