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Stack: Rez-V, Alpha Male, ZMA, ReceptorMax


Has anyone used this stack? Would it be worth a try? I am trying to get a jump on things.




depends what your goals are. You got money to spend?? Try it out.


I've used all of these products, just not all at the same time since Receptormax just came out.

I'm happy with them all, however.

I didn't expect it, but my love handles seemed to have basically disappeared since I began using Receptormax. Granted, I was pretty lean to begin with, but I haven't made any changes to diet or exercise to which I'd otherwise attribute this.


But how have you been eating? Above or below maintenance calories?

Describe your routine and diet while using ReceptorMax, please.


I'll go with yes without knowing any of your goals, albeit you should probably be 25+ to be using Alpha Male with it.

And yes I used Alpha Male when I was 21, it did about jack shit for me since I didn't need it.