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Stack Plan.


I'm planning to mass build again from September. In doing so, I'm planning a stack.
I've already spent some time researching supplements, have some limited experience and now, I figure would be a good time to ask for general opinions to point out any glaring errors or better ideas.

Supplements included, I will be planning a 4300Cal diet over a 40/45/15 (P/C/F) diet split over two feeding times. Controversial I know, but eating 2x per day works well for me.

Supp Wise:
Whey 90
Dextrose (I know the insulin spike isn't very popular, though this will help with my macro's, plus, the rest of my carbs will be from Fruit and Veg so I'd rather wait a while PW before introducing Antioxidants)

Epistane 18
Trenavar 10
Liver Support.

The Glycobol is probably the most interesting supplement to me, though, as it's said that taking androgens alongside can provide extra benefit, I found this stack from Pure Labs at a decent price and figured I'd go that bit further.

Should I go through with the stack, I intend to do so for 8 weeks before starting a 4 week PCT and Detox cycle.

Please, ask for any extra info or share Positive Views/Constructive Criticisms.
Feel free to tear me a new one. I've done a fair bit of reading, though it's often common that people miss something that's ridiculously obvious to others looking in.

The rest of the diet will consist of Produce (Predominantly Liver, Eggs and Fish). Colourful Veg, Berries and a limited amount of wholegrain rice. Nut Butters, Dark Chocolates and various Healthy Oils.


Throw all that shit away and get some test. Way cheaper, much more effective, not killing your liver, less of a hassle...the list goes on.


He just gave you the best advice any one could give you. PH are shit compared to Testosterone and other AAS. Take his advice or go to a different forum because, this will be the general info given by almost every credible member of this site.


PH give less results, are harsher on the body and are much more expensive than AAS. Save yourself the hassle and get the real deal.


Take the PH if you want. All they will do is give you shitty results and fuck you up. Have fun.


I have done both and felt more healthy on gear with way better results than on PH.

Still blows my mind that guys come here and don't listen to guys that have been successful


Bit more attitude than I was expecting, but sure, I'll take it on board. Thanks for the advice.


Not meant to be taken personally bro, stick around and you will see some of the retarded shit people ask or say which has shortened the fuses more than the test will.

The PH have too many chemicals, its like organic compared to trash food, its just not as clean and definitely not as effective. Don't let the legality of it make it seem bad for you, thats not the case at all as long as it is done properly with a proper PCT, and with PH you need a proper PCT also, butnwon't get the same gains.