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Stack or Solo

I’ve got a question for some of the more experienced suppliment users in the crowd.

I’m attempting to lose some BF and I’ve been doing quite well. In the mail right now I’ve got two bottles of methoxy and some T-2 pro. I’m curious as to whether I’m better of to take the T-2 and methoxy together or whether I should take them consecutively. I’m thining I’m going to go the consecutive route since it will help me maintain the BF over the summer a little better and I’m quite curious as to the individual effects. Though if people have found that the synergistic effect between the two is drastically better than just the sum of it’s parts I might consider doubling up. Thanks.


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Get some Hot-Rox/Methoxy. I’m using it right now and the combined effect is amazing. I’m already at 8.5% BF so loosing more fat isn’t too easy. Yet in the last week since using this combo I lost 2-3 lbs FM. I have actually seen my abs come out more and more and more in the last three days. It is amazing!


Personally, I would stack them. I’ve tried both ways and that way worked the best for me.