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Stack Options on T Replacement?

Need advice on supplementing with T replacement.

If you are looking to stack please head over to the pharma forum. This section of the forum is how TRT.

Depending what your goals are, whats your TRT dosage?

Tren is the staple compound, can be used for size and aesthetics it is also one of the more advanced compounds so do your research before hopping on it, when used correctly its going to help you in any goal you have in mind.

For aesthetics:


For lean size gains:

Test/tren/anandrol or superdrol (anandrol will blow you up abit but strength gains are good)

Anything with drol, superdrol (better lean gains more, higher liver toxicity) (anandrol has insane size also toxic)

If you are doing this for the long run just ignore the orals all together, test/tren are best overall, many people forget the true power of test-c/e just need to run it at higher dosages to get full benefits. The real trick is controlling your estrogen at higher dosages, on trt you probably are not on AI if you are on a low dosage, i am on TRT also but 200mg doctor has me on AI because of the higher end dosage and I am prone to high BP and Gyno. When you begin running higher dosages you will want to control your estrogen because a good % of the test you take will convert to estro.

Are you wanting to do a cycle every few months on TRT? If so what are your goals? If you just want to maximise your weekly TRT dose I’d say run it with HGH… Very progressive TRT shops like to focus on anti aging and combo HGH with dose. This is pretty common in Vegas, Miami Cali

I do cyp 400 ounce a week. I would like to cut down on some fat and get
stronger. I was rolling along 5 weeks and my car was broken into and lost
my gear. The reorder process was 4 weeks. I just started again…