Stack of Tren, Masteron and Test. Gained 4kg in 14 Days


I am currently on a cycle consisting of masteron, Tren and test (50 mg each EOD) for 10 weeks. The intention was to cut of fat, while preserving muscle mass. I am 184 cm and my initial weight was around 91,4 kg (14 days ago). I’ve calculated my TDEE to be around 3000 calories, which made me decide to start with 2700 calories a day (250 protein, 250 gr carbs and 77 gr fat). I workout 6 days per week, and start each workout with 20 min of intense cardio.
Here is the problem; I’ve gained 4 kg in 14 days. 4 kg!!! I really cannot understand what is happening, and I dont seem to loose any weight at all ; I didnt expect that much to happen, but gaining 4 kgs is just terrifying.
I would like to note, that I have been eating clean, and drinking plenty of water. At times I’ve been constipated …
What am I doing wrong guys? Any advice would be appreciated

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Muscle weighs more than fat. Haha… good luck… it sounds like a bulk stack if you ask me. But I don’t know shit

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True that :stuck_out_tongue: haha
Not to discuss details, but wouldnt the gear you’re using be depended on your calories to either be a bulking stack or a cutting stack?
What am I doing wrong :S

Check your carb intake man. Cut em down… cut proteins down to 1g/lb… I know I have gained upwards of 20 lbs in a month but my waist is smaller than it was. So you gotta ask yourself where the weight is going and if it’s good gain or fat gains. The tren should keep it all lean and cut the fat down as well… you using test prop? Tren ace? I like the longer esters myself… enthanates are my best friend’s bro… but I gain…Gain…Gain. I know if I eat big, I will gain big. Likewise…Eat low, lose weight. But sounds like you are on prop, ace because it happened so quickly. High reps in the gym right? Like 20-25 on every set? That’s a good way to cut up… caloric deficit…put it together and wait till you see what the cycle is gonna do…

I get the amount of protein, being 200 gr/day. Should i also reduce carbs to 200 gr/day? how much in total? 2500? 2200?
I am a pretty big buy, bro, and that feels way to little (at least psychologically).
It is tren Ace and test prop, bro.
I kid you not, I do cardio everyday 20 min (pulse at least 155), and then 45 min of intense high rep, high weight (I feel stronger, so why not).
I fear that due to the fact, that I am 2 weeks in my cycel, that I cant manage to reach my goal. I wanted to land on 87 kg and shed at least 3-4 kg of fat. I am kinda depressed, man :frowning:

I would try p200/c200/f50… then slowly cut back on the carbs to 150… just keep protein up so you don’t sacrifice muscle. Decrease test and increase tren if you want also… search test/tren ratio for cut cycles and see what others run… calories get close to 2200/day but it hurts to drop quickly.

Thank you for your reply! It means so much to me !
Problem is that this stack is a premade blend. It is not possible to switch the dose.
What about switching to tren after 6 weeks instead of this stack?
I am not sure if its muscle or fat that i have gained- it cant be fat …i eat less thank before this cycle and do cardio. It cant be fat…

Its probably the increase in glycogen and nitrogen retention. Also don’t change your diet unless you don’t like the results your getting. OnlyOnly change to make progressive changes. Say if you stop leaning out then decrease call if you stop gaining lean tissue then ADD.

It’s water and glycogen Bro, calm the fuck down.

Are you taking an AI?

Ah, makes sense…i cant see any difference in BF% (measured on skin calipher), Nor in size. Maybe i should just continue and await? My intention was to drop BF% with this stack

I hope you are right! I have arimidex just in case…but i dont take any at the moment.
I just dont see any fat being shed at alle. I have plenty of experience with other stacks that worked out just fine .

Keep your cals the same the weight probably is being retained across the entire body, so so it wouldn’t be noticeable as it’s not a big weight jump

Mast has some anti e qualities, but you should probably be taking the adex.

Ok thanks man ! When would i start to see any changes in the BF %? I havent tried this stack yet

I will do that for sure !

Hey Strange1. Are you sure you “gained weight”? In theory 1lbs fat holds 3500Kcal, and building 1lbs muscle takes 2000Kcal.

What was you’re body fat % before and after? Don’t think it’s possible for you to gain more fat on that diet and gear regiment.

It’s been two years. That kinda reframes the idea of “before and after”.


LOL :smiley: Just saw March